Madison County, MS



July 15, 2019
5:00 p.m.



    1. Approve July 1, 2019 Board Minutes


      Earnest Clayton

      1. Way Road

        Jessica Burns, U.S. Census Bureau

        1. Census 2020

          Linda Ealy


                PUBLIC HEARING:

                1. Notice to Increase Assessment Real and Personal Property Click Here

                CONSENT ITEMS:

                1. HR - Approve Personnel Matters Click Here
                2. B&G - Approve Request to Refund $75.00 for Use of Rogers Park - Ward Click Here
                3. CA - Acknowledge Public Service Commission Orders Regarding CMU Click Here
                4. CA - Approve Travel and Related Expenses for the Mississippi Justice Court Clerks Convention / Cheryl Horn, Lauren Canoy, Mary Luckett and Brittany Hollins / Natchez, MS / September 4-6, 2019 Click Here
                5. CA - Acknowledge Executed Grant Application for Household Hazard Waste Disposal and Authorize Board President to Execute Same Click Here
                6. CA - Approve Madison County Law Library Contract / Renewal of Coverage Click Here
                7. CA -Request permission to Advertise for improvements to the Historic Courthouse Grounds to include Irrigation system, sidewalk replacement, retaining wall and landscaping
                8. CA - Request permission to submit MSDWQ Household Hazardous Waste Grant(s) SW1170, SWAC460 & SW1201 request for reimbursement and Board President signature Click Here
                9. CA - Request approval of Pay Application #1 for Sulphur Springs Park to sign the amount of $38,407.55 / Benson Builders & Properties Inc. Click Here
                10. CA - Request approval of Pay Application #14 for Southwest Madison Fire Department in the amount of $143,891.27 / Richard Womack Construction Click Here
                11. CA - Request Board Approval and Board president signature to approve a Right-of-way Instrument for Entergy Mississippi, LLC Click Here
                12. ChClrk - Approve 16th Section Land Lease Contracts Click Here
                13. COMP - Declare Property as Surplus and Authorize Disposal Click Here
                14. COMP - Acknowledge IRS Form 941 Click Here
                15. COMP - Approve Release of Claims for Digital Ortho Photography and Survey Services and Authorize Board President to sign Click Here
                16. COMP - Approve July Jobs report and Request for Cash from MDA for Fastenal DIP Grant and Authorize Board President to sign Click Here
                17. ENG - Approve Temporary Construction Easement Cedar Hill Road Click Here
                18. ENG - Approve CMU Utility Permit Commerce Avenue Click Here
                19. ENG - Approve Engineering Report Click Here
                20. ENG - Approve Bridge Report Click Here
                21. ElecComm - Approve Request for Temporary Labor for August Primary and Runoff Election - TempStaff Click Here
                22. PC - Authority to Purchase Laptop Computer for Constables Click Here
                23. PC - Approve July 2019 Procurement Card Reconciliation and Authorize Payment Thereof Click Here
                24. TA - Approve 2018 Real Property Increases - Unsigned Click Here
                25. TA - Approve 2018 Real Property Increases - Signed Click Here
                26. TA - Approve 2018 Real Property Decrease Click Here
                27. TA - Approve 2018 Homestead Exemption Amended Applications Click Here
                28. TA - Approve 2018 Homestead Exemption Deletions Click Here


                  BUSINESS ITEMS:

                    Kesha Buckner, Purchase Clerk

                    1. Purchase of Desktop Computers - Sheriff Department Click Here

                      John McKee, State Aid Engineer

                      1. Sharon Road Board Order

                        Tim Bryan, County Engineer

                        1. Town of Flora Interlocal Agreement Extension Click Here
                        2. Southern Consultants Contract - Grisham Lane Drainage Click Here
                        3. Preliminary Plat - Cane Creek Ranch Click Here

                          Scott Weeks, Planning & Zoning

                          1. Ron Hutchinson, John Harreld and Annette Harreld - Rezoning C-2 Commercial / South of Church Rd and West of Calhoun Station Parkway Property Zoned C-2 Commercial Click Here

                            Albert Jones - Emergency Management

                            1. Approve Cumberland Way- Private Road Click Here

                              Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                              1. Circuit Court Space Analysis
                              2. Solid Waste Management Click Here
                              3. Budget Hearing
                              4. Moving Services for Election Commission Click Here

                              Greg Higginbotham, Comptroller

                              1. Approve Budget Amendments & Interfund Cash Transfers Click Here
                              2. Approve General Claims Docket Click Here
                              3. Approve Payroll Docket - 1 / July 1, 2019 Click Here
                              4. Approve Payroll Docket - 2 / July 10, 2019 Click Here
                              5. Approve Payroll Docket - 3 / July 11, 2019 Click Here
                              6. Approve Planning & Zoning Commission Per Diem - July 11, 2019 Click Here

                              Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                                Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                                1. Summit Food Service Click Here

                                Old Business

                                  New Business

                                  1. Adjourn Until Next Meeting - August 5, 2019 -9:00 A.M.