Madison County, Mississippi

Tax Collector

Kay Pace Tax Collector Madison CountyKay Pace

Thank you, Madison County voters, for allowing me the opportunity to be your Tax Collector of Madison County, Mississippi.

"My staff and I will strive to continue to serve you to the best of our ability and to provide you with an efficient and courteous office."

Thank you for your support and trust,
Kay Pace - Tax Collector

The collector makes sure that those who have had real estate and personal property assessed within the county pay their taxes. Statute allows the payment of these taxes in installments as long as the first payment is at least one-half (1/2) of the taxes due and is made by February 1st following the tax year for which payment is collected. (Installment payments are subject to 1% per month interest on the unpaid balance for the second and third payments.)

Tax on license plates for automobiles, privilege license, manufactured homes, and airplanes are also collected by this office. Use tax is collected on items brought to the State of Mississippi by residents for first use, storage or consumption. Sales Tax is collected on casual sales of motor vehicles between individuals.

The collector must advertise and hold a tax sale once a year for any unpaid taxes on real estate or any special assessments. Traditionally, the tax sale in Madison County is held on the last Monday of August each year.  Our tax sale is held online with Govease.  All participants must register online at  Once you complete your registration, you must establish a form of payment with this office before the sale begins.  There is an online form for Tax Sale payment.

Accurate records must be kept at all times, since this office is involved in the collection of taxes that help fund a variety of government services.

Kay Pace
Tax Collector, Madison County

Myrtle Rayburn, Chief Deputy

Lori Butler, Chief Deputy, Madison Branch